Friday, January 9, 2009

Back in the game for the New Year

I have been out of comission for the past few weeks. I caught a nasty version of the common cold, much like the majority of folks out there. I had the benefit of having my momma take care of me for a few days, she said the stores were nearly all out of chicken noodle soup. Really? We are all that sick right now? I am shocked...but also fairly impressed at our unity. ;)

I had many hours to sit on the couch and suck in a bit of mindless entertainment. I am now all caught up on shows and movies I have been wanting to see. I discovered a new show, "The Big Bang Theory." Have you heard of it? I geeked out a bit over it because in one episode they happend to mention "noob" and the non-Newtonian corn starch experiment.

Watch this funny clip about how Sheldon is trying to get his neighbor to leave him alone after he introduces her to online gaming and she becomes hooked.

He told her to leave him alone, then texted her, sent out an emphatic twitter, even changed his facebook status to "Sheldon Cooper wishes Penny would leave him alone."

I love how social media is sneaking it's way into TV sitcoms. Because yes, how connected we all are is somewhat absurd and definitely works in a sitcom script.

Also, the show is good. I thought I was going to be unimpressed, but they have a lot of solid nerdy references. 

I'm Tawnee and I approve this message.

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