Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lithium announces our community, J-Net, as one of the cool kids!

Lithium just announced companies who are using their communities platform successfully and Juniper's J-Net happens to be on there (slide 11 on the deck posted below), and we are all so very proud. (Applause Applause)

We've been running Lithium for almost two years now, and every bit of it has been a gratifying experience. Lithium is full of innovative and clever individuals; they are always delivering great solutions to the undying questions like, "How can we make our community more successful? How can we reduce costs by utilizing our online community? How can we make sure our customers are getting the right information and a high-quality experience that they need?"

Not too long ago, J-Net was a feeble community. It was an under-utilized, under-developed space. Today, we pride ourselves in a thriving community. I am thrilled that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and interact with so many of our J-net users. It is an amazing thing, watching a community grow. We constantly receive feedback from our users thanking us for giving them a space where they can efficiently gather information, get their questions answered, and have fun participating in promotions where they can win prizes-- you are all most welcome. We are elated we can provide you with such a positive experience.

It's a rewarding feeling, being acknowledged by Lithium as one of their Customer Success stories, but it's even more rewarding knowing we are doing something right for our community. Thanks to all our users and Lithium for allowing us to make such great strides with J-Net these past 19 months.

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